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Igarashi Shuzo Tenransan Momoiro Nigori Sake 720ml

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    Igarashi Shuzou Brewery is in the Saitma Prefecture located at the confluence of the Naguri and Nariki Rivers. 

    This is a rare sake produced using pink yeast. There are two companies within the prefecture, including Igarashi Shuzo using this pink yeast. Pink yeast is very delicate, to the point the pink colour becomes less noticeable when mixed with even the slightest difference in yeast. Because of this delicacy, special tools are used for this sake and has been produced with such care to prevent other yeasts from contaminating it. 

    Don't let cute pink colour fool you, this sake is not as sweet as it looks. It has a balance of sweet and sour taste.

    The Finer Details
    Style - Sake
    Country - Japan
    Bottle Size - 720ml
    ABV - 8%