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Express Delivery available on all orders
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Other Red Varietals

 Relish the purity and full flavour of red wine varietals at Kent Street Cellars

If you’re looking for red varietal wines crafted from single-source vineyards that respect the terroir, climate and winemaker’s process, Kent Street Cellars offers an expansive range to satisfy the most discerning wine lover. Discover our collection of red wine grape varietals today and sample the nuanced flavour a particular grape can offer to elevate your wine choice.

Discover the full-bodied flavour of red wine varietals today

Crafted from at least 85% of a single type of grape, red varietal wines are designed to showcase the botanical flavours of the winemaker’s vine without distracting your palate or hiding flaws behind blended drops. With its focus on a single varietal that requires the highest standards during its production, you’re assured of enjoying a quality and easy to drink red wine grape varietal every time.

Explore our complete collection and discover tipples sourced from vaunted wineries in McLaren Vale, Barossa Valley and Clare Valley in Australia to options from Italy, France and Greece to supply your wine cellar, dinner tables and parties. From Nebbiolo styles that feature a crisp bite with high tannins and acidity to aromatic merlot that delivers fragrant blackcurrant, cassis and vanilla notes and rustic Sangiovese that imparts a dry, semi-sweet taste — we carry an expansive range of red wine varietals to suit every taste.

Shop from a leading collection of red varietal wines in Australia at Kent Street Cellars today

If you’re looking to expand your red wine drinking choices, our range of red wine grape varietals offers an excellent selection you can drink on all occasions. Explore our complete wine collection to find classic favourites and limited-release vintages from premium wineries across Australia and the globe. Shop today and get quick and convenient delivery on all orders directly to your doorstep. If you need any wine recommendations — don’t hesitate to reach out, we’re here to help.