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Express Delivery available on all orders
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Try a sparkling wine varietal to spice up your dinner parties

Pop a bottle and let it fizz! When it’s time to live in the moment and share a bottle with your loved ones, there are few options to match the carefree mood than sparkling wine varietals. Restock your wine fridge at Kent Street Cellars and discover an expansive collection of boutique labels and classic favourites to expand your drinking choices and stop your events from falling short.

From sparkling Shiraz to Bellini and new age pét nat, experiment with a new sparkling style

If you’re looking to sip on a new drop to excite your palate and savour light fruity finishes with a crisp effervescence, it’s time you tried a spritz or our other sparkling wine varietals. With styles that deliver a brut dry finish to options that are demi-sec (sweet), you can enjoy a bold new drop that reflects the terroir of where its grapes have been cultivated and the winemaker’s recipe.

Whether you favour an aromatic spritz, a local Australian sparkling Shiraz that maintains its body and character, a disgorged style that has had its excess yeast removed, or a luxe Italian Bellini that recreates the taste of Italy in one bubbly bottle, our range enables you to travel the world through sparkling wine varietals.

Boasting a crisp effervescence that complements its high acidity, pét nat and out other sparkling wine varietals offer versatile tasting notes that can be enjoyed neat, blended into a sparkling wine cocktail or paired to cut through rich cheese and delicate seafood. With a flavour profile lavished with unbridled flavours of summer berries and orchid fruits, our range will treat you to a summer-inspired drop all year long.

From a sweet sparkling Moscato to a spritz or crisp pét nat — shop the complete collection at Kent Street Cellars

Raise a glass and take a moment to celebrate and ponder life’s special moments with a sparkling wine varietal. At Kent Street Cellars, we have curated an extensive selection of prized labels, bottles of bubbles and matching glassware to help you design an elevated bar at home. Shop the entire collection to enjoy fast delivery nationwide, or for help pairing your wine to your meals, don’t hesitate to contact us — we’re happy to help.