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Express Delivery available on all orders
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Non-Alcoholic Spirits

Enjoy a lighter side of drinking with our range of non-alcoholic spirits

For a drinking experience that delivers on taste and complex flavours without an unpleasant feeling the next morning, non-alcoholic spirits are your all-occasion solution for responsible drinking. If you love to sip on delicate flavours without making compromises on health, quality and taste, a zero% spirit will make an indulgent pairing to spending time with family and friends.

As one of the fastest-growing beverages in the world and Australia, non-alcoholic spirits are available to create a flavourful drop that ensures you never feel like you have to miss out on the celebration. Imparting maximum flavour with zero intoxicating effects, discover the complete range of alcohol-free spirits at Kent Street Cellars to refresh your drinking choices and mind.

Sip and savour some of the best non-alcoholic spirits in Australia at Kent Street Cellars

Whether you’re looking for a star ingredient to craft a signature drink or layer flavours to blend and build a complex cocktail, explore the collection and find non-alcoholic spirits sourced from leading distillers around the world. Choose from alcohol-removed aperitifs and de-alcoholised clear grain styles like vodka and gin, or savour the brooding taste of zero% alcohol rum and whisky — we have your events and drinks collection covered.

Made the same way as your favourite spirits but with the alcohol removed, you can enjoy premium, artisanal drops that preserve their delicate flavour profile and aromatics. From fruit-forward sweet varieties that coat your mouth to styles that leave a satisfying crisp and dry finish, you can drink responsibly and delectably with a non-alcoholic spirit in your drinks fridge.

Shop the best range of non-alcoholic spirits online at Kent Street Cellars

If you’re looking for a new favourite to welcome into your drinks collection and treat your friends and family to artisanally made recipes, Kent Street Cellars is the best destination to cater your events and parties. 

Discover our entire range of non-alcoholic beverages and conventional spirits and pair them with specialised glassware that allows your drink’s flavour and aromas to develop. Or, if you’re looking for presents for your special someone, check out our gifts range to give them a drop they can enjoy when the occasion calls for premium drinks. If you need help selecting a non-alcoholic spirit, don’t hesitate to contact us — we’re happy to help.