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Japanese Whisky

Flanked by smooth caramel and botanical notes of chocolate, citrus and honey, Japanese whisky offers a unique product that will reinvigorate your palate with dark and moody flavours. From wide pleasing favourites to premium tipples and collectable editions, Kent Street Cellars is proud to present an expansive and diverse collection of Japanese whisky in Australia.

Discover the smooth and sultry taste of Japanese whisky

Inspired by the double distilling, malted or peated barley styles of Scotch whisky, Japanese whisky features a smokier flavour and a balanced sweetness. With a full-bodied and complex flavour profile, its velvety smooth taste can be easily enjoyed neat, slightly chilled on the rocks or with a dash of soda water for a touch of effervescence. Its bold palate is the ideal base for cocktails — you’ll love to sip on an old-fashioned whisky sidecar or sour.

Forget about sweet mixes that overshadow delicate flavour profiles; we’ve assembled an expansive selection of the leading labels of Japanese whisky in Australia for an easy drinking experience. From notable brands to undiscovered wonders, each has been selected to allow you to discover the rich terroir its ingredients have been sourced from and the unique distilling process followed by each distiller.

Satisfy a craving for bold flavours with our range of Japanese whisky in Australia

Whether brooding with a book, unwinding after work or toasting with friends, sample a warming spirit unlike other whisky styles and relish a genteel drink steeped in tradition. From bourbon, spirits, vodka and a whole suite of choices, Kent Street Cellars is the best destination to find specialty tipples that tantalise your taste buds. Explore our complete collection of Japanese whisky and serve up your new favourite. Have a question? Don’t hesitate to contact us — we’re happy to help.