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Empirical Spirits Ayuuk Blend 500ml

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    Harnessing both traditional eastern and western traditional fermenting and distilling techniques, along with modern technology, Empirical Spirits represents an entirely new category in spirits. Embracing flavour as a starting point, all the unique expressions from this Copenhagen based start-up evoke a different sensory memory.

    Ayuuk uses a high-altitude Mexican chilli, grown in the Sierra Mixe mountains, as a base for a completely unique spirit. The chillies (known as Ayuuk in the local language) are macerated in low wine at extremely lower temperatures, which imparts the finished spirit with a wonderful earthy, smokiness without any of the fiery chilli heat.

    This is a wonderful complex drink reminiscent of a peated single malt whisky, combined with the flavour and herbal edge of an aged Mezcal.

    The Finer Details
    Style - Other Spirits
    Country - Denmark
    Bottle Size - 500ml
    ABV - 43%