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Sacred Organic Vodka 700ml

by Sacred
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    Sacred Organic Vodka is a grain vodka of exceptional purity created by award winning organic microdisteller Ian Hart. Sacred microdistillery is situated near the summit of Highgate HIll in London and has been organically approved to Soil Association standards since 2009. This unique blend of wheat and rye spirits has a soft, silky mouthfeel, making it ideal for any vodka based cocktail.

    Suggested Cocktail

    Coat the inside of a chilled glass with a few drops of vermouth. Pour in two shots of Sacred Organic Vodka directly from the freezer. Take a lemon and pare a long slice of zest, avoiding the pith. Hold it over the glass, pith side upwards and squeeze widthways so the surface of the drinks is coated in oil. Rub the rim of the glass with the zest and drop into Sacred's Martini. 

    Sacred Spirits is a family run distillery based in Highgate, London. Founded in 2008 by Ian Hart and Hilary Whitney, the brand has established a strong reputation in the UK, Europe, and the USA. Just landing in Australia for the first time, Sacred spirits are made using organically sourced botanicals, vacuum distilled by hand at the Highgate Distillery, just a few yards from the famous cemetery. Sacred's drinks are characterised by an unmistakable quality and inimitable flavour. 

    Sacred founder and distiller Ian Hart grew up in the same house and London suburb of Highgate where Sacred Spirits was born. Ian was always fascinated with chemistry, and first turned to exploring his love of French wine. He then switched gears to distilling gin, and after a few trial and errors, made his first bottle of gin (bottled by Hilary Whitney, his partner). They took the bottle to Ian's local pub and offered free samples and received direct, unfiltered feedback from some seasoned regulars. On recipe 23, the locals gave him the stamp of approval, and Sacred Spirits took off from there. 

    Ian and Hilary refused to follow the normal idea of pot distillation was the only and best way to make gin. They proved that vacuum distilled spirits are every bit as flavourful (one could argue more!) than their pot distilled brethren. Vacuum distillation occurs at a much lower temperature, leaving the uncooked distillate lusher and fresher.

    The Finer Details
    Style - Vodka
    Country - England
    Bottle Size - 700ml
    ABV - 40%