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Hibiki Japanese Harmony Whisky 700ml

by Hibiki
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    Suntory Whisky was founded in 1923 by Shinjiro Torii. For over three generations, Suntory's master blenders have devoted themselves to pursuing the harmony of Japanese nature and craftsmanship. The masterful technique and reverence for Japanese omotenashi laid the foundations for a delicately crafted and perfectly balanced Hibiki Harmony to be created and join the collection of Suntory whiskies as some of the most awarded and admired in the world.

    Hibiki is the paragon of harmony — launched in 1989 to commemorate Suntory's philosophy of living in harmony with people and nature. With a bold flavour that enables its nuanced notes and the drink’s history to shine through, each dram of Hibiki Harmony whisky allows you to sip on a legend that was created to honour momentous occasions and special moments in between.

    Marrying grain and malt whisky together from different distilleries, Hibiki Japanese Harmony was crafted by the Suntory Whisky blending team, led by Master Blender Shingo Torii. And thanks to the selection at Kent Street Cellars, you now have the opportunity to savour Hibiki Harmony — a Japanese whisky that will coat your mouth with its smooth golden nectar and signature creamy aftertaste.

    Discover Hibiki Harmony whisky today to sip on its vibrant amber colour with a complex and elegant expression, notes of honey and orange on the palate and a subtle yet tender finish with a hint of Mizunara (Japanese Oak).

    The Finer Details
    Style - Japanese Whisky
    Country - Japan
    Bottle Size - 700ml
    ABV - 43%


    What tasting notes and flavours can I expect from Hibiki Harmony?

    On your palate, it opens with a buttery custard and caramelised dates that leave a honey-like sweetness and warming citrus before finishing with its signature Mizunara (Japanese Oak) aftertaste.

    Our Hibiki Harmony whisky is a medium-bodied spirit that delivers a smooth mouthfeel and a lasting aftertaste. With notes of rose, lychee, rosemary and woody sandalwood on the nose, it makes a spectacular drink to enjoy neat, on the rocks, with a small dash of spring water to open up and mellow its flavour or as the base of a bold and brooding cocktail.

    What is the ageing process of Hibiki Japanese Harmony whisky, and how does it contribute to its unique taste?

    Hibiki Harmony is a NAS — no age statement whisky — that doesn’t list the age it has matured from. It is first matured in five different casks before being aged for a minimum of three years to allow its flavour to develop and Mizunara to impart its flavour and hue to create this vaunted fine whisky.