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Hoshiko Original Ume Liqueur 720ml

by Hoshiko
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    Created by legendary Japanese bartender Danny Aikawa who, in 1979 dreamed of creating a truly unique Japanese liqueur from Ume fruit. As he could only attempt to create this Ume based product once a year, all up it took 17 years to develop the recipe (which is a closely guarded secret). 

    Hoishiko is produced once a year after the Ume harvest in Wakayama prefecture. The Ume are macerated along with a secret blend of spices in alcohol. After several months the Ume and spices are removed and sugar is added to balance out the tart Ume flavour.  

    The Finer Details
    Style - Umeshu Liqueur
    Country - Japan
    Bottle Size - 720ml
    ABV - 20%