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Los Azulejos Skelly Anejo Tequila Gold Edition 750ml

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    Founded by Pedro Quintanilla who was a man of art, passion, and tradition. Born in Mexico City, he grew up surrounded by the beauty, architecture, art, and rich colours of Mexico. Always prominent in the beauty, were the hand-painted azulejos tiles that adorned the haciendas, patios and kitchens of his home country, which inspired the name for the brand, tequila Azulejos.

    The Skelly Collection brings together two key elements of the Mexican culture: tequila and calaveras (skulls); inspired by one of the most important national symbols celebrating the day of the dead or Dia de Los Muertos. Calaveras decorate cemeteries, altars, houses and corners in Mexico and has become a symbol of Mexican pop-culture. 

    An authentic 100% Blue Weber Agave tequila made with traditional methods. Produced with fully matured agave from 50% Highlands and 50% Lowlands of Jalisco, slow-roasted in brick ovens before being slow-fermented, and extracted by roller press. The resulting liquid is  double distilled before ageing in Bourbon barrels for 18 months and is additive free.

    The Los Azulejos Anejo Tequila has aromas of roasted-pineapple and a peppery floral perfume with notes of toasted oak and vanilla bean. The palate shows roasted peppers, orange blossom and tropical fruits with luscious chocolate and orange. The finish is naturally sweet, with chocolate and dulce de leche flavours very notable. 

    The Finer Details
    Style - Tequila
    Country - Mexico
    Bottle Size - 750ml
    ABV - 40%