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Okayama Barley Shochu Sherry Barrel First Generation Kamekura 1800ml

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    One of the most renowned shochu products in Japan, the First Generation Kamekura, is distilled from locally sourced ‘Nijo’ barley from the Okayama Prefecture and longterm-aged in first-fill sherry barrels to create a delightfully rich and elegant tasting Shochu that swells into a fragrant, fruity, creamy, sherry-bomb. Packaged in Mino ware pottery made in the eastern part of Mino, mainly in Toki City and Tajimi City in Gifu Prefecture.

    The nose is rich, bready, stewed pear, tinned peach, and Pedro Ximénez sherry. Bold notes of sherry and spice on the palate; give way to barley, wood, stone fruit, shiraz, plum, fig, and blackberry jam. An elegant finish of vanilla, spice, tart plum, and McWilliam’s Cream Apera. Lingers on the palate.

    The Finer Details
    Style - Shochu
    Country - Japan
    Bottle Size - 1800ml
    ABV - 25%